Jam » You told him how much you love me.


You're the only one I wanna touch;
a Nick Wheeler & Tyson Ritter picspam.
Or how I will show you in 4 parts why we can assume that Nick Wheeler & Tyson Ritter are a couple.

(You got some kinda hold on me)

I am proudly announcing the opening of deadboltgloves with my lovelies vapored & runawaytomars. I hope you'll like our spamming!
Jam » You told him how much you love me.

Fic: The All-American Rejects, Nick/Tyson, Let Her Know

I've never done that... well, yes, I did, once but I don't know how to present it so I just kinda totally did the same thing ashspark put for her awesome fic about the guys...

Title: Let Her Know
Summary: Tyson wrote a break up song for his girlfriend, asking his friend Nick to come over to give him some help. I fail so much at this rofl...
Rating: PG
Genesis/prompt: I started writing it when Tyson put the video of his new song online & when I couldn't stop listening to it.
Disclaimer: If they belonged to me, they would be even more obvious than they already are. So I definitely don't own them.
Pairing: Nick/Tyson, duh.
A/N: I'm really not sure about it. This is my first real slash fic. It's kind of a surprise for runawaytomars, to thank her for making me love these guys so much & to ashspark for the plot outlines exclusives & the support. ILY GURLS SFM you have no idea.

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