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Take me, break me

or how even a canceled show of the All-American Rejects can be full of win

& seriously, it's SUPER huge so cookies for anyone who reads that...

So. I had a thing with my class in the morning, we went to see a movie premier (nothing fancy really, just a few classes like us) & even though the movie wasn't boring per say, I WANTED TO LEAVE SO BAD. The girls (runawaytomars & ashspark, go read their reviews here & here) had send me a text saying they saw the guys arrive & I was there, sitting there for TWO & A HALF FUCKING HOUR. Anyway, I eventually arrived to the venue with lovelymelu who came to pick me up. We were not right next to the doors where we usually would have been because we had the MAGIC PASSES :B it was comforting in a way, to see all those bitches used to see us first smiling because for once we were not but knowing that we will be luckier than them anyway :B We tried to keep the passes sikreet~ lol to surprise them all when we would go inside to meet the guys.
Eventually we found out other girls with passes, we thought they were like 6/7 so it kinda sucked because the ideal plan was murdering the others so it could be just the 4 of us XD we waited some more, it was awful, I was beginning to be so upset & impatient & crazy lol they let other girls inside, like press stuff & all, made them wait like TWENTY FUCKING MINUTES inside, idk why, it was stupid, while we were outside, totally freaking out because we thought we'd have only 10min with the guys. They were supposed to be inside for only 20min & then it was our turn cause they didn't wanted us to ~mix lol but it lasted FORTY MINUTES I was checking the time every seconds & we were all trying to see when they were coming down. Finally, a roadie came & showed a pass. We came inside, everyone who saw us had jealous bitch faces it was AWESOME lmao the roadie didn't speak french at all & the security guards were fucking assholes so we translated for them & he was all like "oh good, there's not only french-speaking people in here". He was nice. & it's important to remember that guy for the rest of the story lol We were soooo excited (well, I totally was rofl). We started to get our cameras & tickets out. We saw that, ONCE AGAIN, Chris was being totally ignored .___. poor bb, HE NEEDS SOME LOVE!!!! One of the girl with us asked "does anyone speak english?" in French so we were all like "0__0 DUH, YES!" What's the point in coming to a m&g if you don't speak english?
Anyway, after the other girls came out, we sprinted in. It was SO awkward at first, we were like *___* HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAI~ & then Mike opened his pen so I went to him (if the space between us had been bigger, I would have RUN! XD) with my ticket like "HAI PLEASE SIGN THAT *__* :D" he was really sweet (DUH!). Inside, my mind was going kinda more "niiiiiiiiiiiih he's so cuuuuuute \o/" LOL we took a picture with my failed camera but it didn't work so Marie had to take the picture with hers (btw, thankyou&hearts) because by that time it was me & Marie & Mel & Ash. So, Mike was niiiiice, smiling all the time. MOST.ADORABLE.GUY. ON. EARTH. Then we went to see Chris, he signed Marie's picture from the day they were doing this radio show & said he was wearing the same clothes rofl he was really nice & cute :) we took pictures again & chat & little & then we saw Tyson alone, being all .___. so we went to see him. We started to talk but he showed us he couldn't talk so we were like "oh, voice rest, yeah sure". I saw the glitters, so I told him & Marie asked him what costume he had planned for tonight & he was *can't talk* so I told him it was good to see him, that he seemed better (understand the hidden meaning: "YOU FREAKED THE HELL OUT OF US WITH THE PICTURES OF YOU AT THE HOSPITAL") then we went to see Nick & that's when we took the picture that I notice that I was fucking cold compared to them lmao XD /useless

I look HUGE ;_;
Mel & I took another pic with Mike & she suddenly thought she had lost her ticket so she started to look for it so there's a great picture of Mike & me looking down at Melissa searching for her ticket XD We went back to Tyson & the roadie (aka COOKIE!MIKE) told us that the show was canceled. At first, I seriously thought it was a joke, I was like "Seriously?!" & then I saw they were taking everything off the stage .__. Tyson apologized, he seemed so sad seriously ;__; so we said we understood, he needed to rest, that it was awesome they did the m&g anyway.. It take me a few minutes to actually GET IT but, yeah, everyone was kinda down after that. I asked Mike if we could take a picture with the four of us & the four of them. We took the pictures, well COOKIE!MIKE did aha (called that way because he was trying to get Ash to eat his cookies during the all m&g, he even put a cookie in front of the camera while Melissa was taking a picture with Chris XD) After the group pic, we were all gathered so Ash asked what happened to Mike's hair XDD he was trying to explain it was because "it was hot" lmao & he showed us he had actually shaved BOTH SIDES. Idk if I was the only who hadn't notice... But that's when I died inside T___T lmao I told him at first when I saw it I thought "WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE" but that now it looked good. He was all smiley it was so cute. Even Tyson laughed but then we saw him leave, it was heartbreaking to see him like that... the other girl took a group picture too (I'm a bitch but TYSON WASN'T IN THEIR GROUP PIC HAHA \o/) so we had time to discuss the fact that the show was canceled .__. it was sad, especially to see Tyson beside himself like that.

After that, we were about to get out, the guys had kinda left except for Mike & one of the girls gave him a fucking bottle of champagne -___- KISS ASS MUCH? ugh. Anyway, he gave her a pick so we went to him & asked for one too, so he gave the ones he had in his pockets. Then the others girl came too so he went to get more. Nick went by so we asked him too, he gave the ones he had. Mike came back with the OH SO FAKE picks from the merch page so I said "That's not the ones you play with..." he looked at me, smiled & said "I'll be right back" then ran (& I mean it, HE RAN, it was so cute) to the stage to find more. He came back with at least 10 of each picks & gave them to us. We told him how sweet it was of him & he said it was the least he could do after the cancelation of the show. SWEETHEART&hearts. So now I have 3 Mike's picks, 2 Tyson's & 1 Nick's lol after that, Marie, being her usual self, asked for that red pick Ethan's been playing with LOL Mike was all "oooo yeah sorry I don't have that one" XD so we started to leave because the entire squad of security guards were starting to kick us out.
We went back down, the girls were all *JEALOUS BITCHES* but even though I would have LOVE telling all of them the show was canceled, that's when it really hit me so I was more .___. than bitchy. We went on the other side of the road & at first, we really were sad but we had been lucky enough to actually see them before the show, so that totally brightened our mood XD Melissa took me to see one of her friend who was waiting in queue. When we arrived, we explained why Tyson couldn't perform & I started whispering that the show was canceled so maybe someone would hear me (please just don't ask XD). A mom asked me if it was true (DUH! NO I LOVE TO LIE ABOUT SUCH THINGS! -___-) so I said yes, Tyson had lost his voice & was resting. Her daughter I assume turned to me & said "why are they canceling, he's not even the singer" ............. CAN YOU SEE MY FUCKING BITCH!FACE HERE? I told her, as calmy as I could that actually, TYSON JAY RITTER was the LEAD FUCKING MOTHERFUCKER SINGER OF THE BAND, YOU BITCH. Hm. So then, because, idk, maybe she thought my ton meant "yeah, you go on, I'd love to have a fight with a fucking fangirl in the middle of the street, just deny what I just said" she said "but his name is Ty...ler" WHY ARE YOU HERE AGAIN?! I understand that you can go to the show without knowing the name of the band members, that's what happened to me at my first Reject show, BUT GOD, don't act like YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT WHEN OBVIOUSLY, YOU DON'T!!! Idgi. I thought I was gonna SMACK HER! Oh why did you have to attract all the fucking brainless 12 y-o Rejects, whyyy? Also, half of them were crying, it was PATHETIC. THEY ARE GONNA COME BACK, STOP BEING ALL EMO, PLEASE, YOU'RE EMBARASSING YOURSELF HERE! -___-
I turned to Melissa because I really was going to smack that bitch when I saw Ari, from The Upwelling with a box of cds & a bunch of t-shirts, so we laughed (her & Marie had told us how he was giving stickers at the exit of the venue when they saw the Rejects in February.) He was trying to sell his things but NO ONE, seriously, not a fucking person seemed to speak english & they were all "Oo wtf does that guy want" so I went to explain he just wanted to sell his cds. He asked me if I could stay with him to translate to people lol so I said yes & started yelling at the tops of my lungs if anyone was interested in a cd XD it was fun. & at least 5 girls came & asked if it was AAR cds -____- ARE YOU DEAF? DIDN'T YOU HEAR ME SCREAM UPWELLING? Ugh. Anyway, he thanked me & told me he gave me a free shirt lol so I said it was ok, I could keep on doing it as long as he told Mike & Tyson what a good pimp I was XD so we went back to the front, with my girls behind LOL we actually sold the whole box of cd (so, ok, it was like 8 cds, whatever, WE SOLD ALL OF THEM!) Ari asked me if I wanted a shirt & or a cd & as nice as he was, their music still kinda sucks so I took the shirt XD he told me to wait 10min outside, he came back & took me inside the venue, all the girls around we like "WTF :O" aha he said he was going to try to make me meet the band, I said I had already met them so he stopped in the middle of the stairs & said "WHAT? but I thought I was going to do something super cool!" LOL it was cute, I told him if I could see them again, it was great too & that I'd take anything I can get. So we arrived, I met Josh, the other member of The Upwelling & he thanked me lol it was really nice. Chris was there, talking with some guy, Josh took me to him, I said "hai, it's me again!" Josh explained what I have done, then idk how it hapened I ended up telling him some girls outside were crying XD he was all "WHAT? the show is canceled? OH THAT'S WHY THEY'RE TAKING EVERYTHING OFF THE STAGE" *pats Chris* after that, he said "naah, actually the guys are kicking me out, they're replacing me" lol I told him how dumb it was of them XD Josh went to see if the others were there, he came back telling me that they were sleeping so I said it was ok. I said bye to Chris :B I told Josh how proud I was for pimping them out tonight, we talked about how sweet the guys are & all. The girls outside looked wild, I told him I was gonna get kicked & he told me "rub it in their faces" LOL he took my name, to post in their blog (I'm still waiting lol) & he told me I had made their night *bows*. So yeeesh, it was really nice of them :)
So yeah, best cancel-show of mah life :B
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