Jam » You told him how much you love me.

Friends only;

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» leave a comment on this article if you want to be added. I won't add you if you add me first or I you don't introduce yourself.
» we need to have something in common. Check my profile and/or my interests. If I know you from a community/fandom, say so.
» the comments are screened ;)

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Don't save me cause I don't care

I CHANGED LJ. I've already added a few people, the ones that comment in here (or just mah bbz). So, I know I haven't been reading my flist & all, but I made kind of a friend cut. If I didn't added you on my new lj, it's probably because we just don't talk anymore. Not that my life is that interresting but anyway. If you'd like us to stay friends, just say it here (the comments are screened) but just because you ask doesn't mean I'll add you for sure. Sorry.
Jam » You told him how much you love me.


For my fellow aar lovers:
ashspark, roughs, runawaytomars & myself have opened a fanfiction community, for aar related fics only. Slashy ones :B There's a few ones already posted, including the super-duper epic one ashspark wrote. So yeah, just go there, join & enjoy the awesomeness ;)

You look so dumb like that Kennerty :') &hearts